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Why Market your Business Through Radio – Part 2: Radio Complements Other Media

Traditional advertising is a critical influencer when making buying decisions, especially during the initial decision-making phase.

Radio should only be one execution point for your marketing campaign – it can be added to any campaign to increase the reach and frequency. Radio helps deliver your message in as many ways as possible when you combine it with online, text programs, social networking, event marketing and public relations opportunities.

The idea of creating only a digital presence is no longer going to cut it. There are too many platforms, screens, channels and messages competing with one another. To avoid going completely unnoticed it is important to augment digital presence with traditional media.

Radio should be part of a fully integrated program that may include online, text programs, event marketing, social media and television. Today, radio marketers work with advertisers to integrate on-air, online and on-site to deliver the message in as many ways as possible

to create the desired results.

Radio’s intrusiveness can reach your customers again and again.

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