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Building your brand's visibility through television advertising

Despite all the changes and growth in various forms of video sources, the time spent with traditional television has remained extraordinarily stable. TV remains a powerful medium.


While it’s been a topic of conversation for years, TV continues to evolve and actively respond to new market developments. It remains relevant and important both now and into the future. Traditional TV continues to have the highest daily reach of any medium in Canada: 89% for adults 18+, with time spent at 28 hours per week. Even for digital-forward younger adults, TV reaches 82% of millennials 18-34 and 81% of young millennials 18-24 each day.


Fast facts:

  • TV advertising consistently makes other elements of advertising campaigns work harder.

  • TV’s beneficial effect can be felt by all accompanying media. For radio advertising, the multiplier effect of TV advertising can be greater than 100% and is up to 50% for press and outdoor.

  • TV and online synergy is particularly large. Campaigns that use TV and online together are twice as efficient as those that incorporate brand advertising with other kinds of activation channels.

  • As well as its powerful direct effects, TV is responsible for driving an indirect response through online channels, generating 33% of media-driven sales via paid-for online search; 26% of media-driven sales via online display and 20% of media-driven sales via affiliate marketing.

  • TV is responsible for driving 33% of all media driven interactions for brands on Facebook, e.g. likes and comments. 

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