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Grow your business through

radio advertising

Radio continues to thrive...

Radio reaches 92.8% of Adults 18+ in Calgary. Radio is everywhere and reaches the vast majority of Canadians. Listeners use radio wherever they are.

  • Radio is on and is used throughout the entire day, with peaks in the morning and evening as commuters travel to/from work.

  • Amongst those 25+ radio is second in terms of ‘yesterday’ exposure (behind TV) while still retaining the third highest exposure amongst younger audiences.

  • Advertisers recognize radio’s ability to reach consumers.

Radio remains a truly local medium. It can be purchased by demographic and can be targeted psychographically by selecting the appropriate station formats.


The Power of Radio:

  • Urgent, flexible, immediate and cost efficient

  • A one to one emotion driven experience

  • Engages the imagination

  • Has no production costs

  • Is the pulse of the community

  • Has promotional power

  • Is personal

  • Has audience loyalty

  • Is intrusive

  • Is the mobile medium, at work and in the car

  • Works for both branding and call to action

Radio remains the only easily accessible option that provides local information like news, weather, sports and traffic. It also provides local celebrity announcers who can attract and hold listeners attention.

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