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Why Market your Business Through Radio – Part 1: Radio is a Dominant Medium

Radio’s continued dominance remains one of media’s most underreported stories. When you think of radio as a form of media, you likely have preconceived ideas like it’s "outdated,” “for old people,” or “just for my commute.” But as it turns out, new statistics show that radio is still very much a popular form of entertainment.

Radio is your company’s megaphone, is a very important communication tool for any business. In a single week, radio reaches 876,715 Calgarians. That's 77 percent of

everyone age 12 and older, according to Numeris . So, regardless of what types of customers you want to reach, radio advertising will help you do it.

Plus, radio is mobile: 90 percent of adults listen to radio in their cars, and 72 percent of the population also listens while at work. Nielson data shows audio consumers spend more than half (52.1%) their time listening to radio. Traditional radio has an 8-to-1 time spent dvantage over other technologies like internet radio and satellite radio.

It’s hard to disagree that radio is one of the most convenient forms of entertainment out there, especially while driving. It continues to be one of the most efficient and effective types of media available. Radio reaches many people every week, it motivates purchases, creates brand awareness and reaches consumers beyond their homes.

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