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Spending Responsibly: Shift Your Spend to Radio Advertising

The current global pandemic is causing businesses across all industries to revisit how they’re spending money, including advertising budgets. While your instinct may be to halt advertising altogether, a better plan is to revisit your budget, and make sure you’re spending your money wisely, even if your budget has been substantially reduced.

Why shift marketing spend to radio advertising?

Radio has one of the most captive audience rates of any form of advertising, which is ideal at any point in time. Radio advertising also comes at a reasonable cost - especially now that advertisers are offering substantial discounts to encourage businesses to continue sharing their message throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Radio advertising allows you to target your prefered demographic by selecting what types of stations you advertise on, and in which communities. Anyone selling you radio advertising will be able to share demographic and return on investment (ROI) information with you, from who is listening to which station, to which stations see the highest returns for their advertisers.

Something to seriously consider when you’re working with a reduced budget and still hoping to make an impact.

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