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Sought and Found - Part 1: Search Engine Optimization

The world of Google, You Tube, Bing and other online search engines has evened the playing field for local businesses. A business established only a few months ago can gain search result placement ahead of one that was built and rooted in the same region over 35 years ago.

The ability to drive and maintain search engine rank has brought a change in strategy for many businesses. The focus on optimizing your business to be found easily online is required when marketing your business today. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever changing online marketing tool, that when executed effectively can result in your business being among the top search engine results.

Effective SEO will get you found. It will place you on a list with 7-10 of your competitors where your potential customer will browse, search, and analyze each of you until they find the product and service they need.

SEO allows you to influence your potential customers when picking from a list of 10 businesses found online. Your rank encourages them to click on your company first, or better yet, only click on your company.

Effectively managing your SEO so that you rank highly among your competitors is one of the best ways to compliment your other advertising efforts.

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