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Radio Advertising for Beginners

Where should I spend my advertising budget?

It is often challenging to decide where to invest your advertising dollars. So, when looking at radio advertising, here are a few things to consider while making your decision.

1. You can reach most people using radio. In Calgary, around 77% of adults tune in to an

AM/FM station. The average listener spends over 15 hours per week listening to AM/FM

radio. Source: Numeris

2. You can target your advertising very effectively. In Calgary, there are 17 commercial

radio stations and most reach large geographic areas. For example, News Talk 770

reaches from Red Deer all the way south to the US border. Other stations have

repeaters in Banff and Canmore. Certain formats (talk, country, rock, pop) tend to reach

specific demographics, allowing advertisers to target the types of customers they want

to reach. By picking the right station, you will be reaching people that are your potential


Should I advertise on radio?

Retail stores and businesses can use radio ads very effectively. You can reach a potential

customer when they are on their way to go shopping or thinking about where to eat that night. In short, radio can be very effective at driving traffic to your business.

If you are currently using other mediums, such as online, text programs, event

marketing, social media or outdoor billboards, radio can be a very powerful addition to your

marketing strategy. For example: a potential customer who searches online in the evening for a product or service, may be reminded through a radio advertisement on their way to work the next day.

While it is a very powerful marketing tool on its own, radio advertising also pairs well

and compliments many other forms of consumer engagement. So, when you’re thinking

about your business’ strategy in the marketplace, be sure to consider radio advertising

among other platforms.

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