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Prepare for Changes in Customer Behaviour

While we face a global pandemic, it’s no surprise that people are worried, anxious and curious about the future, causing differences in the way they behave. This provides an opportunity for businesses to change the way they engage with customers, the services they offer or the messages they share.

As we learn about pandemic-related restrictions beginning to ease, here are some ways you can prepare your business for changes in customer behaviour.

Adapt your product + service offerings

This is where you can get creative. If you haven’t already, food and beverage retailers can begin to offer delivery and curbside pickup options, for example. Clothing retailers have a variety of options as well: take your brand online; virtual shopping via video call; and delivery and curbside pickup options. Grocery retailers should consider offering delivery and curbside pickup options as well.

Adapt the way you do in-person business

People are apprehensive when it comes to visiting businesses in person. If your business relies on consumers physically being in your space, you may want to consider adding additional personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees and customers, adding more frequent cleaning and sanitizing of the space and limiting the number of people who are allowed in space at a given time.

Adapt your messaging

While you’re likely enthusiastic about the prospect of going back to business as “normal,” remember to craft your messaging so it’s appropriate for your consumer. It’s ok to show excitement about reopening, but be aware that people are still uneasy, and include for example, the ways your business will help to keep customers safe, should they visit your business.

Remember, when you’re considering what types of changes to implement at your company, think about how your consumer will receive the changes, and make decisions from a mindful place.

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