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Marketing Strategies in an Uncertain Market - Part 5: Continue to Advertise

Navigating through what is right and wrong during a pandemic is tricky, especially as a business trying to remain empathetic to your customers, while letting them know you’re still here and ready to support them.

Although businesses need to be thoughtful and consider the tone and messaging of their advertising, it’s been shown that consumers think brands should continue to advertise even though we’re dealing with a pandemic.

Here are some thoughts around why you should continue to advertise during the Covid-19 crisis:

Provide important information. If you’re not sure where to start with marketing during the pandemic, try sharing some important, accurate information. Right now, consumers are accustomed to receiving information often, and relying on its quality, so don’t try to compete. Rather, help your customers by providing the information they’re craving.

Create normalcy for your customers. Although customers are turning to many businesses, as well as news outlets, for pertinent Covid-19 information, they still rely on their favorite brands to help them feel normal. Ensure your tone is appropriate while showing your customers that your business is still the same, fundamentally, to help them achieve a sense of normalcy in these crazy times.

Generate positivity in the community. Right now, more people than ever are considering the needs of others ahead of themselves, so showing your support to the community generates positivity among your customers and for your brand. Whether you’re donating to frontline workers, or helping those less fortunate, share your efforts with your consumers; it will not only make them feel happy, but might encourage them to think differently as well.

Whatever choice you make around your marketing strategy during the pandemic, keep your customers in mind, and be purposeful in your messaging. Not all advertising has to be sales focused; campaigns that bring awareness to your company values can be just as rewarding.

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Joyce Burke
Joyce Burke
Aug 24, 2021

Great rreading this

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