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Marketing Strategies in an Uncertain Market - Part 3: Optimize Creative by Testing Ads

Are you stuck looking for ways to enhance your brand while not aggressively selling to consumers? Things are slower right now, which makes it a perfect time for a temperature check on your creative assets. A slow time in the market can be a great opportunity to test your creative assets, and really put the time into measuring their success.

Here are some ideas for optimizing your creative by testing ads and assets in a slower market:


There are so many ways to test and optimize Google ads! Some of the most important ones include keeping things simple, and ensuring that you’re being thorough:

  • Get organized. Use Google Ads labels and a calendar to easily track your start and end times.

  • Stick to a threshold. Develop a testing threshold and follow it. Determine the number of impressions that you’re confident will show you accurate results.

  • Only test a few elements at a time. Limit how many elements you test within your ads. Make different variations similar enough that you learn from their differences.


Like Google, Facebook ad testing requires a process in order to be effective. Here, we’ve provided a brief outline for testing your Facebook ads that’s simple, and will give you clarity around what’s working and what isn’t:

  • Set guidelines. Create your ads, schedule, metrics and testing threshold before anything else. This will help you stay on track.

  • One element at a time. For the most accurate results, minimize the differences between ads.

  • Test impactful elements first. Things like key messaging and graphics will carry more influence than, say, the placement of your text, so measure those first, and use the best combinations of text and images to determine your most engaging ads.

  • Stop using non-performers. This is your opportunity to identify what’s working for your brand. If it’s not working, stop using the ad immediately; those ad dollars should be moved to a better performing ad.

Testing and optimizing is a great way to continually enhance your brand, even when your company may not be seeing the immediate return. Ad optimization is critically important, but often gets overlooked when business is busy and thriving, so take advantage of this opportunity!

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