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Marketing Strategies in an Uncertain Market - Part 2: Focus on Emotion in your Marketing

Did you know that emotionally engaged customers spend as much as two times the amount of time on brands they feel connected to? That alone is as good of a reason as any to start thinking about how to emotionally connect with your consumers.

Customers want to feel like they know a brand on a personal level, and brands can create this for their customers through storytelling, and sharing the types of content that their customers crave.

So, how do you know what to share in order to develop an emotional connection with your customers? Here are some ideas:

Ask your frontline employees. Your staff is a great place to start when brainstorming for engaging content. The workers who deal directly with customers are constantly being fed ideas for what customers like and don’t like, and what they are missing when it comes to your brand.

Listen to your customer. Do you have a customer service department? This is the time to utilize those quality assurance recordings, as well as customer service staff, to curate emotional content. Do the research. Take what your customers are saying and address it in your marketing.

Develop brand strategy in a human way. Customers are looking for comfort from the brands they trust. So, rather than develop monotone, businesslike content, try to add a human touch. Whether that comes in the form of a more casual tone, or simply being realistic and caring in your messaging, this will enhance the emotional connection your customers have with your brand.

When you think about connecting with your customer, be sure to stick to your company’s values, while adding emotional value for your customer.

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