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How to Be Human in a Time of Uncertainty - Part 3: Brand + Audience Awareness

Part 3 of How to Be Human in a Time of Uncertainty talks about the importance of knowing your brand, and your audience. Although this is something that businesses need to consider at all times, it is especially necessary during a crisis.

Know your brand

A deep knowledge of your brand and what it stands for is paramount. Allowing your brand to transform to suit the needs of your audience, while still staying true to your roots, will ensure that you are memorable. Putting your brand in front of customers and providing a product or service that helps them is one of the best ways to demonstrate empathy, like we talked about in Part 1, and cements your brand in the minds of your customers.

Know your audience

Whatever your particular product or service, it is important to focus on what consumers want and need. During a time of global crisis, people are looking to the brands they trust for comfort and for help. If your company doesn’t offer an essential product or service, it might be a good time to shift your advertising strategy to provide more comforting messages, for example.

While a pandemic forces every brand to examine their tone, strategy and messaging, it is important to remember that this is something all brands should be doing on a regular basis.

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