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How to Be Human in a Time of Uncertainty - Part 2: Accuracy

In Part 2 of How to Be Human in a Time of Uncertainty, we explore how accuracy fosters trust with your customers, and how you can do your part to be accurate when communicating with them.

Accurate Information

The importance of accuracy starts with you and your company. Making sure you are sharing straightforward, timely and true information resonates with consumers and indicates that your company can be trusted.

If you are sharing information related to the current Covid-19 crisis (or other current, relevant events), be diligent and double check your sources to ensure that you’re not propelling the spread of inaccurate information.

Be Reliable

Whether you’re sharing company updates or current events news on the radio, television or another platform, show your dedication to your customers by being reliable. This means that if you decide to connect with your customers at certain times of the day or week, build a cadence so you are providing your information at consistent times that your customers grow to expect.

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