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Build Awareness Through Television and Radio Advertising

Have you considered the journey each customer takes while deciding whether to purchase from your company? It’s not always a long one, but there are identifiable steps that each and every person takes along the way, to eventually land on a product or service to purchase. The first step in this journey is awareness, and it’s a big one; if consumers don’t know your brand, they won’t be purchasing from you.

Mass media like television and radio play a significant role in the consumer’s journey to purchase. Here are some ways that television and radio enhance consumer awareness of your brand:

  1. Reach. TV and radio are broad platforms capable of reaching thousands of consumers. While other mediums can have similar reach, TV and radio constantly remind people of your brand, while other mediums can become stagnant or forgotten about. Print ads, for example, might be seen once while someone reads a magazine.

  2. Precise. TV and radio are adaptable, but also precise, allowing you to target certain demographics based on which channels or stations you choose to advertise on. People are creatures of habit, so businesses can decide where to advertise based on consumer listening/viewing patterns.

  3. Trust. Advertising on radio and TV builds immediate trust and credibility; advertisers can connect with new and existing consumers through shared interests.

  4. Frequency. Once you’ve selected your channel/station to advertise on, your ad will be seen frequently by the exact consumer you have targeted. No other platforms offer abundance of repeat information, and it sticks in the minds of potential customers.

Building awareness for your business or brand is key. While there are a wide variety of mediums available to advertisers, television and radio offer the best platforms for awareness, predictably targeting thousands of alert consumers at a time.

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