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5 Techniques for Working from Home - Part 5: Communicate Expectations with Others in Your Household

Now, more than ever, it is important to find a balance in your daily life, however that looks. For those of us who are working from home for the first time - maybe ever - this can be hard to achieve, especially with other members of the family, working and schooling from home, or due to lack of child care. In Part 5, we share ideas for how to set expectations with the members of your home in order to maintain productivity and balance.

Check out these four tips for staying active:

1. Make a plan. Each week, sit down and prioritize the tasks that you have to accomplish, as well as those of your children who have been assigned schoolwork, and your partner’s. Share this schedule with everyone in the household, and make any changes as soon as they arise.

2. Be honest. If you have children at home, are ill or caring for a sick loved one, be sure to communicate this effectively to your boss and/or team at work. Rather than constantly showing up late to virtual meetings or missing deadlines unexpectedly, giving your colleagues insight as to what your day looks like, as well as setting realistic times/deadlines for your work, will reduce your stress and be viewed as responsible by your coworkers.

3. Over communicate. As we adjust to an ever changing norm, we must constantly communicate with those around us. Even with a weekly plan in place, if something changes, or could potentially change, communicate that early with your partner and/or children. If there’s a part of your newly established routine that is no longer working for you, say something early and find a resolution before you lose sight of it. And lastly, be sure to set clear boundaries; ensure that your kids and partner know what the expectations are surrounding interruptions during meetings, for example.

Whatever your new normal, preparing yourself and your family by setting expectations is sure to alleviate some confusion and frustration as the weeks of our new normal continue.

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