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5 Techniques for Working from Home - Part 4: Stay Active

In Parts One to three of this series, we discussed strategies to set yourself up for success and taking care of yourself while working from home. In Part 4 of 5 Techniques for Working from Home, we go a little further into one facet of self-care as we discuss the importance of staying active as part of your work-from-home routine.

Check out these four tips for staying active:

1. Schedule breaks for movement into your day. We’ve talked about this before, but we can’t stress enough the importance of standing up, and moving away from your workstation at least once an hour. Sitting for an entire work day is damaging your health; it’s linked to cancer and heart disease.

2. Get creative! Another way to stay active at home is to change up your work space. If you have access to a standing desk, this is a great option for your health. Alternatively, try standing and/or walking around during phone meetings when you can.

3. Schedule time for exercise each day. Working from home is very different for many of us, and some are still getting used to it, but maintaining your exercise routine will do wonders for you, both physically and mentally. Since our days look a little different, it’s easy to forget to exercise, so make it a priority to block time in your day for physical activity and stick to it.

4. Get outdoors! The benefits of fresh air and sunshine are plentiful. If you can, try and get outside everyday to take advantage of them. Take a walk or run, do some gardening, or just sit in the sun. If you’re struggling to find time to head outside, consider moving your scheduled daily workout outdoors and knock both of these items off your list!

Staying active is a cornerstone of self-care, and therefore one of the most important parts of your day. Everyday, make a conscious effort to take care of your mind and your body.

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