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5 Techniques for Working from Home - Part 2: Set Up a Dedicated Workspace

While developing and maintaining a routine is key to working from home, equally important is a dedicated workspace. This space is not your bed or your couch! Find a space in your home that is specifically for working, and you’re off to a great start. Here are a few additional tips to help you perfect your at-home workspace:

1. Choose an area that’s conducive to working. This may seem obvious, but sometimes it takes a little more thought and planning to ensure you have a functional workspace.

  • Use a desk and a good chair. Avoid the kitchen table if possible.

  • Cut out clutter: nothing on your desk that doesn’t need to be, make a to-do list and meditate to clear your mind.

  • Find some natural light. Position your workspace near a window; you’ll find you have more energy!

2. Only use your workspace for working.

  • Don’t eat meals at your desk.

  • Don’t play on your phone and check social media.

  • Step away to take non work-related phone calls.

3. Make it pretty.

  • Add a plant. Plants are both esthetically pleasing and have numerous other benefits including stress reduction, increased productivity, increased creativity, noise reduction and cleaner air.

  • Organize your work materials into sections on your desk, or get yourself a nice container to hold them.

  • Add a photo of your family or your favorite painting.

4. Designate breaks for yourself.

  • Leave your workspace for meals. Even step out for a walk at lunch, or jump on a video call with a friend. A change of scenery is a great way to break up your day and keep it productive.

  • Take a break once an hour to move around and stretch.

  • Avoid technology during breaks. Don’t spend each break checking social media. Set a designated time for this during lunch or at the end of your day.

If you’re able to continue working during this strange time, take advantage of the opportunity and spend time setting yourself up for success. A great workspace will not only help your productivity, but you will be more efficient as well.

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