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We are radio and television advertising professionals at Corus Entertainment Calgary. Together we bring over 30 years experience in marketing consultation and customized new media. Our goal is to assist Calgary businesses in brand enhancement so they can reach their marketing objectives.

We are partnered with an award winning team of professionals including; creative services, research, commercial production, digital development and social media implementation. Together, we produce customized solutions for our clients and we believe advertising is an important part of that solution.

We work with our clients to suggest proven, creative ways to achieve greater success through advertising. We work hard to earn and retain business – we’ll even suggest complementary media when appropriate.

If we find that one or more of our media platforms are not right for any of our clients, we can suggest alternative marketing strategies.


Please browse through our services or contact any member of our expert team for an informal discussion about how we can increase your sales, leads and brand awareness.



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Michelle Finley

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Michelle Finley is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with over 10 years of experience. She is a recognized expert focusing on building brands and digital strategic marketing strategies. Her vast experience in conceptualizing and implementing integrated marketing programs utilizing digital marketing, television and radio advertising has a proven track record of driving results and delivering innovation. Michelle will work with your business to generate sales, grow brand awareness and create a renewed energy around your brand.

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Sherie Toner

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Sherie believes television and radio are a megaphone for any business and a key part of an overall marketing strategy. She loves what she does and the clients she works with. She is a passionate media professional who has assisted clients in reaching their marketing goals for over 20 years. Sherie has been recognized for her performance and achievements by being awarded one of Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40. Her goal is to suggest creative ways to achieve success through advertising by positioning any company's brand where they want it to be.


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Who listens to radio?

When it comes to radio in Canada, it reaches almost everyone. Radio reaches 89% of Canadians each week. Radio listeners are various ages and genders, have various educations and incomes, are in various life-stages, and live different lifestyles. It is because of this diversity that there are many different station formats from Top 40 Hits, Alternative Rock, and Country to News, Rock, and Adult Contemporary. Each station connects with a different group of listeners such as, working professionals, sports fans, baby boomers, millennial’s, news fans, political watchers, and so on.

How does radio advertising work?

The job of radio advertising is to place your business in the mind of your customer before they need your product or service. So, when life happens and your customer is in need, they think of and feel best about you. When your potential customers go online, they’ll click to your website first from their search results because they know of your business. Radio campaigns are typically designed to either Brand your business (longer term) or drive traffic to an Event (short term). A Branding campaign is designed to tell your brand story and speak to all listeners whether they’re in the market for your product today or in the future. An Event campaign is designed to speak specifically to and trigger action from those who need your product today

How do you choose a radio station?

Choosing a radio station to advertise with comes with an understanding of your target customer. Each radio station in Calgary is programmed to different audiences, lifestyles, and interests. When choosing a station it is important to understand how effective they are at reaching your potential customer. Calgary Media Pro’s will help you find a station that is right for your business.

Why should radio be a part of my advertising plan?

Radio reaches 89% of Canadians each week. Radio advertising places you at the top of listeners minds. Through frequency and consistency radio allows you to connect with your potential customers so when life happens customers will think of your business first. Radio is one of the only local mediums that is relevant for a local audience. It is an effective way to reach people in their bedrooms, cars, kitchen’s and workplaces. Radio allows you to really narrow down your target audience based on station formats. If you are looking for a sports fan, you purchase a sports station.

Do people still watch TV

97% of Canadians watch TV at least once a week. There has been some noise in the last few years about TV viewership declining when in fact the average number of weekly hours watched have remained stable. Time spent with media varies by age, but there’s one thing that all demos have in common: time spent with TV leads the way. Adults 18+ spend over 25 hours/week watching television. That’s: · 16x more than Netflix · 6x more than YouTube · 15x more than Facebook https://thinktv.ca/research/screen-time/

How does television advertising work?

For advertising to work, it needs to be noticed. A survey of Canadian adults revealed that: · Television ads are the most noticed and garner the most attention · Video ads are more likely to be watched on a television than on any other device · TV ads are considered the most trustworthy, engaging and influential · Millennials consider internet ads the least trustworthy https://thinktv.ca/research/attention-in-advertising/

How much does TV advertising cost?

There’s a perception that you need to have huge budgets to advertise on TV, but actually TV is incredibly accessible to all. Many advertisers use TV, with varying budgets and different business objectives. For more details, click on the link below: https://www.thinkbox.tv/Getting-on-TV/Planning-and-Buying-TV/How-much-does-TV-advertising-cost

What should you consider when planning and buying a TV campaign?

What are you looking to do? Who are you trying to reach? What are your business objectives? What environment should your ad be in? When should we advertise? What will it cost? How will my TV ad work with other media? You will find more detailed answers to all of these questions: https://www.thinkbox.tv/Getting-on-TV/Planning-and-Buying-TV/Intro-to-planning-and-buying-TV

Is TV advertising effective?

TV continues to be the most effective medium to drive return on investment. Canada’s Think TV commissioned one of the world’s largest digital company’s, Accenture, to conduct a ground-breaking study on the media business in Canada. On its own, for every dollar spent, TV returns $11.63. When you factor in integrating other forms of media, i.e. digital, radio, out-of-home, etc…TV’s ROI jumps to $14.34. TV is the highest performer when factoring in attribution analysis.