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Your Marketing Campaigns: Messaging + Tone

A huge part of how your customers perceive you, your company and your brand is how you communicate with them. During this time of uncertainty in the world, there is a unique opportunity to show your customers exactly who you are as a brand; this is done easily through thoughtful communication and marketing campaigns.


Below, we share some ideas for ways you can make sure your messaging is working for your business as planned.

  1. Craft your messages to express your beliefs and values as a company.

  2. Ensure your message resonates with all of your stakeholders, both internal and external.

  3. Use different platforms to deliver your message. There is an exceptional advantage in using radio and television advertisements to share your message in that you are speaking to a captive audience, and you can be as creative as you want with your delivery.

Tone of Voice

Tone can be considered your business or brand’s personality. So, in addition to timely, appropriate messaging that reflects the beliefs and values of your company, adding a personal touch helps to engage your customers.

Tone also allows for your messaging to remain consistent and appropriate. Taking the lead from current events, like the current pandemic, for example, will help others perceive your tone as suitable, or even comforting.

Adjusting your tone can mean using a well-known, trusted radio personality if your business uses radio advertising. It can also mean revisiting your television advertisements to include a visual display of how your company is helping its employees, community or the world on a larger scale.

Whether your advertising includes radio, television, email, digital or social media, it is important to reflect on the tone and messaging of your marketing to ensure that your customers will not only appreciate it, but also continue to trust your brand as a result.

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