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Marketing Strategies in an Uncertain Market - Part 4: Shift Resources to Brand Building

While things are slowly starting to open up, it is still important to mindfully build your brand without focusing on short-term sales tactics. The brands that are most recognizable in the world have all shifted to brand-building mode amidst the coronavirus pandemic, and we want to share why that’s a good idea!

Build awareness by continuing to invest. If you have the budget, it is ideal to stay in front of your customer, albeit with different messaging; during the global crisis, there is a diminished role for short-term sales activation. We see the value from past recession periods that supports continuing to invest in your brand.

Feature humanity and generosity. Building and supporting your brand around human emotion is especially helpful. Connecting with your customers through humanizing language, acts of service and humour resonates with consumers.

Focus on your long game. Right now, consumers aren’t spending like they used to. Building your brand recognition will help your business maintain contact, and build trust in the long term.

Overall, it’s always a good idea to continue your brand campaigns, even with the smallest budgets, if you are able.

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